There have been many important and influential people who contributed to the advance of human civilization and progress. In my opinion, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the most influential person throughout human history. He served as the President of United States for four terms. That is when the United States faced some of the darkest years in its history. First, the economy collapsed. Millions of people were forced out of work and into poverty. This is known as the Great Depression. Then World War II threatened the freedom of Americas allies; and possibly Americas freedom too. Also, he brought awareness to the polio disease after he was diagnosed with the disease. There are three important reasons that can support why Roosevelt was an influential individual in human history.
First, Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to encourage people during the troubled time. Most importantly, he had courage and a good attitude. He was able to convince Americans that they could survive the Great Depression. He came up with a plan called the New Deal for the unemployed and people in poverty. It was a plan that gave a support, job, and food for people in need during the depression. It also helped save the economy, strengthened the banks, and created the social security. He also tried fireside chats through the radio to help the people of America understand exactly what was happening to the country and what his plans were. Through the fireside chats, he gave the people hope for a better future and asked for them to trust him. It was very popular and people trusted him and supported most of his decisions he made, including the New Deal.
Second, America did not fight during the beginning of War World II, but Roosevelt gave support to America??™s allies such as Britain. When he entered the war he arranged an alliance with Britain, Russia, and China. With the help of Roosevelt and his war plans and strategies, they won over the Nazis and could end the war. He had hopes and dreams for world peace. The United Nations would be the start for peace and unity. He often referred to the Nazis and power hungry people and countries as big bullies. He did not tolerate other countries being bullied on and he work very hard to stop it. He was a strong leader and was respected by other many other countries.
Finally, he spread the seriousness of the disease to people. When Roosevelt was thirty-nine years old he was diagnosed with polio. The disease made his legs paralyzed and made it hard for him to walk and stand. He stayed in a wheelchair but he rarely let the public see him sitting in it. After he was diagnosed, he set up a clinic that was similar to a rehab center for other people with the polio disease. He brought up the awareness of the disease and started a foundation. This awareness helped decrease the polio disease and helped development new cures for the disease.
Great leaders give people a hope, but incompetent leaders discourage people. Franklin D Roosevelt stood by the American people during their hardships and encouraged people to not give up during the rough economic times. He gave courage and hope to people who thought their worlds were over and reassured that everything would return to normal if not better. Even though he struggled with his own illness and struggles he thought of the American people first and never let them down. He was a president and a man that gave people hope and that is why he is one of the most influential people of the world.